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Michael S. De Napoli, D.C.

A native of Berks County Pennsylvania, Dr. Mike (as most of his patients call him), discovered and pursued a career in Chiropractic from the young age of 16 after suffering a serious lower back injury that caused him to miss almost half of his ninth grade basketball season. He sought Chiropractic care from the referral of a fellow classmate, almost a year later after suffering injury after injury to his lower extremities. Chiropractic care worked for him and he worked for his Chiropractor on Sundays to pay for his care where he saw many other patients helped with Chiropractic adjustments. Having both a personal change in his health and function as well as seeing others experience the same thing, Dr. Mike chose to pursue Chiropractic! Serving others with Chiropractic became his lifelong passion.


Dr. Mike believes that “The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body,” and that finding the cause of the interference to our Innate Power is the key to healing many ailments and dis-ease. Our nervous system is the key to healing and our spinal function directly affects our nervous system. This altered function ultimately leads to symptoms and dis-ease in our bodies. Correcting the spine, one of the underlying causes of many health issues, allows our bodies the ability to heal itself better and faster. 


Dr. Mike utilizes multiple techniques in his office to accommodate the specific needs of each individual patient. Initially trained in the Gonstead Method, he has sought out many other techniques over his decades of practice to help his patients reach a higher health state. Gentle, specific adjustments without the use of any machines help each patient reach their health goals.


Upon realizing at the age of 16 that Chiropractic would be his chosen career, Dr. Mike entered Penn State University to study Pre-Medicine and entered Chiropractic college at the age of 20 at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from LACC in 1988 and his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1989, six days after his 24th birthday. Initially desiring to be a Sports Injury specialist, he took special training and worked with numerous local sports teams and college athletes. He became a worker’s compensation specialist in the early 1990’s but preferred the family practice where he sees many families with patients of all ages from birth to 96 (currently.) Prenatal care and pregnancy are just a few of the specialities he helps his patients with. Many patients eventually get into motor vehicular accidents or other traumas. Dr. Mike works well with these cases as well. 

His office, Pasadena Family Chiropractic, was founded June 22, 1992 after he worked in multiple  Chiropractic offices in southern California. He was the first Chiropractor in the prestigious Thatcher Medical Center where he practiced for over 26 years before recently moving to his current location at 600 S. Lake Ave Suite 104, Pasadena, California. He has two grown up children who he is very proud of, Mariko and Kento De Napoli, who have been raised with the Chiropractic lifestyle! He currently lives with and takes care of his 13-year-old Welsh terrier, Cherry, who is recovering nicely from serious health issues. 



Pennsylvania State University 1984 - 1989

Pre-Medicine Major 

Los Angeles College of Chiropractic 1988

B.S. in Human Biology

Los Angeles College of Chiropractic 1989

Doctor of Chiropractic Degree


California State License - 1990

Number 20563 (Current)

Pennsylvania State License - 1990

(Not Active)

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